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New, Improved and Eco-Friendly 9x9 Boxes

Our MAXXLINE 9x9 cryo boxes are a practical designed storage solution for cryogenic vials. With features like graduated alpha-numeric coding, smart closing indication and high-quality durable resin, these boxes are made with the purpose of fast and easy handling. With an external measure of 130x130mm they fit most standard racks, and have been internally tested to be able to withstand down to -150°C.

MAXXLINE 9x9 cryo box MAXXLINE 9x9 cryo box MAXXLINE 9x9 cryo box

2019 Improvements

During the process of moving the production of our iconic MAXXLINE 9x9 boxes to our own, controlled production facilities in Denmark, we took the opportunity to reevaluate the design and production process and make some overall improvements.

Some of the decisions have been made to be able to offer our customers a better and more durable product, and others have been made in an act to decrease our company’s environmental footprint.

Molded Alpha-Numerical System:

The alpha-numerical system on top of the lids have always been printed in ink. This means that production of the boxes was a two-step process; First molding, then printing. To save the extra step, and hereby the energy and resources used, we are now molding the numbers directly into the plastic. As a bonus this will also eliminate any risk of fading text!

New Closing Indication:

As for the printed indication arrows on the lid and bottom we have decided to eliminate the need of ink and printing here too. Instead we have created a textured indication area that enables you to quickly see and FEEL how the two parts fit together.

No More Individual Bags:

We will no longer be wrapping each individual box in a plastic bag. We have realized that the bags are unnecessary, and the amount of plastic used to wrap each and every single box is too high.


  • 9x9 square dividers
  • Made from high-quality Polypropylene (PP)
  • Alpha-Numeric System on top and bottom
  • Length: 130mm, Width: 130mm
  • Heights: 50mm, 80mm or 90mm
  • Colors: Nature, red, blue, green or yellow
  • Temperature: -90°C to +121°C (autoclavable)

Space Saving 10x10 Boxes

The MAXXLINE 10x10 Cryogenic Boxes is a revolutionary new concept which will give you 23% more storage capacity without the cost of additional storage extension and/or additional freezers. This means a standard sizes freezer will now fit up to samples!

MAXXLINE 10x10 Cryo Box MAXXLINE 10x10 Cryo Box

Easy Handling

The 10x10 boxes are packed with smart features that ensures fast and easy handling: Graduated alpha-numeric coding on top and bottom keeps the samples organized, star-foot lock at the bottom for easy removal and fitting of vial lids, and slanted edges for quick, correct closing.

Super Cold Storage

Internal testing has proven the MAXXLINE boxes to be able to withstand temperatures down to -150°C.


  • 10x10 square dividers, with vial lock-system
  • Made from high-quality Polypropylene (PP)
  • Alpha-Numeric System on top and bottom
  • Slanted edges for quick, correct closing
  • Length: 130mm, Width: 130mm
  • Heights: 32, 40, 50, 80 or 90mm
  • Colors: Nature, red, blue, green or yellow
  • Temperature: -90°C to +121°C (autoclavable)



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